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Bunny Babe of the Week: Raelia Lewis

Raelia Lewis

International Model, Tv Personality, Actress, Brand Ambassador, Ghost writer, Editor Author of “Trust Your Journey”

Raelia Lewis always knew that she wanted to be a model. She began pursuing her career in her teenage years and never looked back. Many people may recognize Raelia from the hit TV show “America’s Next Top Model” that premiered in 2014. Raelia stole the hearts of many as she fought her hardest to win the competition. After the show, Raelia went on to open shows for New York Fashion week, Miami swim week, and LA style week. She has worked internationally in South Africa and South Korea. Raelia starred in two commercials and she is featured in over 10 publications worldwide.

Early in life, Raelia discovered her love for art, literature, and poetry. She has always loved reading, and she eventually went on to study mass communications and journalism in college. Raelia put away her pad and pencil for a while to focus on her modeling career. True passion never dies however, and Raelia eventually began writing a book. Trust your journey is a book of hope. It challenges readers to always keep going. The book is absolutely amazing and it came straight from the heart. Raelia lewis is not just a model; she is so much more. Her mission is to inspire others to tap into their greatness. Raelia truly believes that there is something special inside of all of us. Trust Your Journey will encourage you to bring your best side out.

Keep up with Raelia by visiting her website raelialewis.com and follow her @raelialewis