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J.Garc Gets Crazy on ‘CA.LI. fornicated’

Long Island’s Julio Garcia a.k.a J.Garc began his musical journey as a child but wholeheartedly pursued his passion as a songwriter and performer during his time at Syracuse University.

Since then Garc has dropped two solo mixtapes, performed at over 100 showcases throughout LA and NYC.

Fun fact before you get into this review. This artist doesn’t use profanity in while sharing his stories. He wants his music to reach all ages, so I guess it’s smart to be kid friendly right?

Check out some of his work below. First we have CA.LI. fornicated  a very mellow project. That’s the best way I can describe it. Garc uses a mix of industry and original beats to deliver a slew of slow jams  and demonstrate his intense lyrical abilities.

His other project, Long Island’s Fresh Prince, gets an honorary mention due to the single “Lose My Mind” I’ve had stuck in my head since his auditions for A3C. Sorry, but this one gets my vote hands down.