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Why are the Kardashians Famous Again?

I have this debate all the time with people about why the Kardashians are actually famous. We’ve all heard it before, “oh, it’s because of Kim and her sex tape”, or even that they all are always “on the scene” in lamest terms. Whatever the case may be, they’re geniuses!

I admire them simply because they are business women at the end of the day. They’ve created a way to monetize their life and why not? People are obsessed with them anyway. Right?! Their mother Kris should get “momager” of the year in my opinion. Them and their team’s marketing strategies are beyond amazing and as you can see, we can’t stop talking or hearing about them so they’re doing something right!

All in all, whether you hate them or not, they aren’t going anywhere and their empire continues to grow as the next generation has already stepped foot on this planet. Yayyy

Take a note from their book guys…..I mean seriously…they’re are the sh*t:)