So my favorite artist, NightxVision, ends his Radio Interview Tour I curated on the dopest Hip Hop Podcast, I Do It 4 Hip Hop, with host DJ Bugsy. I must say…this is definitely one of the best interviews I’ve heard! Check out what they had to say…

DJ Bugsy sat down with indie artist Nightvision. We discussed his music career how he first start rapping in 2013 & released his first project “De Lifestyle.” In addition, he further explained the origin of his rap name “Nightvision” & the meaning. During this podcast I also ask him his thoughts on the Eminem “Bet Cypher” his message to Donald Trump and the backlash of being a white rapper giving the message. Lastly, we talked about getting real support verses fake support and losing friendships cause of success. ” Via IDoIt4HipHop

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