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Gaslighter Teaches Why Long Distance Doesn’t Matter


Gaslighter is the product of the long distance relationship of Dean Falcone, who resides in Connecticut. and Trish Thompson, who lives in Atlanta. They two blossomed after the death of a close friend who Trish use to perform with. 

“We met when our friend died…I grew up with him, and he moved to Atlanta where he would often perform with Trish. When he passed on, Trish reached out to me to play a tribute for him in Atlanta.”
The two immediately hit it off and debuted in 2012, finding it easy to collaborate since they shared an affinity for musical influences of the 60’s and 70’s. 
So what’s the deal with the “gas lighting?” Well, I bet you’re familiar with the movie right? If not you should look it up.  Their reasoning? Well, Falcone blames “a combination of my bad memory and annoying Trish. She would often call me a gas lighter. I think we both loved that movie and it just felt like the proper title.”
Moving on, with the debut of their seven track EP, Tipsy in Chelsea, the duo drew comparisons from some bands you maybe familiar with. The Carpenters and The Pretenders being a few on the list but I hear more Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, I mean I guess anything from that you might catch on AHS‘ season Coven, really.
“The common thread is dealing with the challenges of life,” Thompson says, “dealing with loss of life or love, challenging relationships and confliction with others or yourself.”
As much as I love Stevie Nicks (seriously, no sarcasm intended) this group just isn’t my style. Overall I can appreciate their sound but it doesn’t click with me and I found myself not being able to keep my attention once I got to “Day After Day (Badfinger Cover).”
Sorry Guys.
But I did enjoy their story, of how they came together. Pretty interesting.
Stay inspired despite distance.